The Detention

A wider, fuller shape that distributes volumes forward under your chest, this board allows you to catch more waves than you ever thought possible! It is a great transitional board from your longboard down to something a little shorter. Designed to ensure fun in even the poorest of conditions, you’ll be frothing while everyone else in the lineup is over it. Featuring a moderate entry rocker and an outline that is almost a double ender, this model still has a solid performance tail rocker with a deep single concave for exceptional speed in marginal conditions. As with many of our models we can make this board with a variety of tails, the most common of which are squash and swallow tails. We do all the stocks in 5 fin set ups, but you can save a few bucks at quad or tri sets if you order a custom board. Largely the culprit of skipping class, you may just end up in detention!

Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 1.35.46 PM.png