Matt Fegreau

Matt Fegreau originally from Portland, Oregon, visited Oahu and immediately fell in love with the ocean after bodysurfing in Waimea Bay. From there he decided that Hawaii would be his new home. He graduated from high school, packed up his bags and moved his entire life to Honolulu. It was only a matter of time before he would start surfing. From there he set off to adventure and find new waves. He eventually took interest in making surfboards and found himself learning how to glass from Ron Roush. Ron and Jim Richards taught Matt the fundamentals of surfboard building. 

Working in the Sugar Mill gave Matt the opportunity  to learn from many of the others in the surf industry including: Brett Morimoto, Rob Reynolds, John Abilla, Denny Schwartz, Charlie Walker, Akila Aipa, and Carl Schaper. 

Now working at Schaper Hawaii, Matt continues his journey to learn about surfboard building. His understanding and interest in the surf industry continues to grow along with is love of surfing.