Located on the North Shore of Oahu Hawaii, Schaper Hawaii is best known for our custom surfboards for every surfer. With over 200 boards in stock, you'll have your choice of Schaper, LOST, Southpoint Epoxy, or a variety stand up paddle boards. Do you need any board accessories? We've got you covered.

Schaper Hawaii has recently undergone renovations and improvements. The previously warehouse-esque, humble shop located in the Old Waialua Sugar Mill has been supplemented by a new showroom fit to stand side-by-side with an art gallery. The new shop features more retail accessories (fins, leashes, board bags, sunscreen, wax, etc), an extensive and well-stocked showroom showcasing local products and art, windows to peek into the crafting processes, and a comfortable couch to enjoy while you take it all in. While we pride ourselves on the new space we’ve created, we assure you that the raw, foam-to-product aspect of the old shop is still intact and accessible. We invite you to visit, explore, discuss, and enjoy our new and improved shop and get a board made just for you.

showroom hours

Monday- Sunday 10am-5pm
** For custom orders please call

(808) 638-0050

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