Taoa Pou

Taoa Pou was born in Tahiti, raised on Molokai, and now lives on the North Shore of Oahu. Taoa has always dreamt of becoming a professional surfer while living on the island of Molokai, but this would not be an easy task. If Taoa was going to live out his dream he would need to leave the island and that’s exactly what he did.

At the young age of ten, Taoa placed fourth in the Irons Brothers Classic on Kauai. At the age of eleven Taoa and two other lucky groms were invited by Tommy Asing on a surf trip to California where they competed in the Wind and Sea Surf Classic in La Jolla beach California, placing Taoa in 6th place. At the age of thirteen he was sponsored into his very first professional surf competition, the "Sponsor Me" contest at Ala Moana Bowls. Later, Taoa placed second in the Local Motion Surf into Summer.

Schaper Hawaii is excited for Taoa to join the team and can not wait to see him win more contests and support him in pursuing his dream to become a professional free surfer.