The Deuce is a retro Twin fin that we have updated by adding a little more curve to the overall outline, and some small bottom curve improvements. A throwback to the early 70's, Carl's very first custom board was a 5'2 twin fin by America surfboards in Virginia Beach! In 1981, Carl's go-to small wave board was still a twin fin, when a friend of his brought back a tri-fin from Hawaii.  Although not immediately convinced on the tri fin, Carl wasted no time putting 2 little trailers on his twin, which was likely going on simultaneously everywhere. The Deuce is a board that can be enjoyed by all skill levels in small to moderate surf. Very fast and skatey due to full, wide, outlines and extremely low rockers. This is a timeless surfboard and has been used by generation after generation! Available in twin or quad set ups.

Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 1.51.39 PM.png