The Hi-Pro is Bonga Perkins', former 2 time world champion, favorite all around board. Bonga has been riding slight variations of this board for over 20 years. It originally had a 15 ½ nose on it and was being used more in pretty solid surf here in Hawaii. When BP came we modified it to its current look to give it more nose riding capability. His long time dims of 17 ¾ x 22 x 13 ¾ and 2 ¾ have stood the test of time. This is a long board with about as much short board as you can get into it. Carl often tells people to notice the back third of the board, as it fits almost perfectly on your 6'2 step up, with the same thickness, tail measure, and rails. The bottom is fairly flat through the middle, running into a slight V into a double concave, similar to our step-ups. In short, a low volume, the Hi-Pro is an extremely high performance longboard designed to do it all, turn on a dime, and park it on the nose!