Stealth Bomber

Looking for the model for having a whole lot of fun in marginal conditions? We invite you to seriously consider the Stealth Bomber. This board is going to keep your wave count high, allow you to beat those mushy sections, but still smack the lip when you get a shot. The Stealth Bomber features the widest tail of our line of boards- think 1972 diamond tail twin fins, Carl's first brand new board. This, combined with a hybrid nose outline and a low entry rocker but a good performance rocker out the tail creates a perfect little gutless wave board. The bottom is a subtle roll to V with double concave and V out the tail. All of this combined with the overall wide outline and fuller rails makes for a board that will glide into some waves and drop some bombs. The diamond tail provides that little bit of extra length for developing speed, but once you get it going and put it on the rail (and yes you can put this board on the rail), the shorter rail line enables a tighter turn.  Timeless diamond tail and 5 fin set up is the way to go! 

Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 1.40.18 PM.png